Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Statement from R Yisroel Salanter on draft-dodging

Cited in HaTzefirah here - The implication is that it was published somewhere else as well?

חבל להמית ולהחיות

These a really good article by Shenur Zkas in Hamelitz pgs. 435, 448 468 480 of Year 1 of HaMelitz, on various psuedonyms used by different authors to achieve an agenda -Worth reading

Monday, June 22, 2009

R Eliezer Horowitz of Vienna - Derasha Kochvei Yitzchak 1866

See here. On R' Horowitz, see the biography by Meir Herskowitz in Areshet. The fact that he contributed to a journal of this sort already tells you quite a bit about him.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I found a very nice article from S Z C H Halberstam in HaLevanon of August,: 27 1873 Igeret Bikoret. It would be too long too post here but it can easily be found at

HaLevanon 1877,31 January

Note: R' Baruch was 17 years old when he sent this piece in. He describes the excitement of getting published in HaLevanon in his Mekor Baruch:

R' Baruch HaLevi Epstein on Esrogei Korfu - HaLevanon Jul7 1876

See his Mekor Baruch V.3 pg. 1304 ff. although he makes no mention of this article. I have not had a chance to compare the two sources.

Malbim on Esrogei Korfu - HaLevanon 1876 - July, 26

R Y Z Stern was also involved in this controversy (See HaLevanon Issue no. 5) but as this has already been analyzed by Chamiel in his series on R YZ Stern, I will not ost it here.

HaLevanon July 31, 1872

I am not certain if this is taken from his Maamer Al Tahaluchei Aggadot or not.


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